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  • 6-Axis Automatic CNC Machine for Jewelry & Watch
    Model no: CNC-J6120

    Specialized Functions:

    i) Automatic Tool Changing System
    ii) Gold/ Silver Collector

    Main Specifications:

    Spindle Power (kW)

    5.5/ 4.5/ 3.2

    Spindle (rpm)

    3,000 to 24,000

    X, Y, Z Axes Working Range (mm)

    X: 250-600; Y:200-400; Z:200-450

    Sprindle Skip & Drive

    Inner cone 0.005, Frequency Conversion

    Maximum Job Loading (kg)


    Maximum Machining Rate (m/min)


    Distinguishability (XYZ) (mm)


    Reciprocate Position (XYZ) (mm)


    Working Table Size (mm)

    540 x 480

    Net Weight (kg)


    Driving System

    Servo Motor (1,000W/ 1,500W)

    Cooling System

    Water (Oil) Cooling

    Controlling System

    Made in Taiwan (Other system can be chosen)

    Screw Leader

    Made in Germany

    Rotational Axis (4th & 5th Axis)

    Made in Taiwan

    Lubrication System

    Automatic Oil Lubricating

    Tooling Sensor