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    Watch Testing Machine

    1)10-Heads Semi-Automatic Water Leakage Tester
    Model no: TQC-WT10

    2)5-Heads Semi-Automatic Water Leakage Tester
    Model no: TQC-WT5

    3)Semi-Automatic Stem-Cutting Machine
    Model no: PPE-CT-2118

    4)Semi-Automatic Three Hands Setting Machine
    Model no: PPE-AW-2108

    5)Automatic Glass Gluing Machine

    6)Strap Bending Tester
    Model No: TQC-821

    7)One-Hand Setting Machine for Watch
    Model no: AW-2308

    8)Traction Testing Machine
    Model no: TQC-808

    9)Shaking Testing Machine
    Model no: TQC-818

    10)Impingement Testing Machine
    Model no: TQC-858

    11)Simple Water Leakage Tester
    Model no: TQC-WT1

    12)Watch Case Dustproof Tester
    Model no: TQC-123

    13)Two-Heads Dry & Humidity Friction Tester
    Model no: TQC-828

    14)UV Box

    15)Multi-functional Tester for Push, Pull & Pin of Clasp
    Model no: TQC-122

    16)Contact Temperature Heater

    Watch Assembly Line

    Our Semi-Automatic Watch Assembly Line is one of our popular and specialized products to assemble watches and test its quality. OEM designed machines are also available for different requirements.