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    Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine for Eyewear

    50W Diode Pumped Nd:YAG Laser Marking System
    1. Diode Pumped ND-YAG Laser module, 50W. C.E.O.
    2. Q-switch, 50W with first pulse suppression. U.S.A.
    3. Beam Expander: Adjustable 2x to 8x. G ermany
    4. High Speed Laser Scanner. U.S.A.
    5. *Flat Field Lens:
     F=100mm, Ø82mm (87mm max) marking area, OR
     F=160mm, Ø135mm (140mm max) marking area, Rodenstock
    6. Water Chiller, Polyscience.
    7. Laser control unit, 220VAC, 13A, Single phase.
    8. Computer with two control cards
    9. Computers software:
     WINDOWS ME operation system, and
     Professional Laser Marking Software