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    1)10-Heads Semi-Automatic Water Leakage Tester
    Model no: TQC-WT10

    Functions & Features:

    • 10-Heads design allows simultaneous testing procedures.
    • Simple and efficiency, only 30 seconds for whole testing procedure.
    • Designed for the quality check instrument and equipments for the watch industry.
    • To ensure the final products are not defective and capable to withstand a certain water pressure.
    • Status lights are equipped for individual testing heads.
    • Visualized leakage meter display.
    • With pressure gauge.

    2)5-Heads Semi-Automatic Water Leakage Tester
    Model no: TQC-WT5

    Functions and Features:

    • To test the waterproof degree of watch case, camera, toys and CCE etc.
    • To ensure the final products are not defective and capable to withstand a certain water pressure
    • Testing water column x 5 sets
    • Measuring system are made in Japan
    • Aluminium machine case
    • Testing pressure: 0 to 1.5 ATM
    • Automatic operation time: 3 min
    • Easy operation for only 2 steps (Start & Finish), no extra training is required

    3)Semi-Automatic Stem-Cutting Machine
    Model no: PPE-CT-2118


    • Equipped with a conveyor belt to facilitate continuous and semi-automatic stem-cutting procedure.
    • Speed up the watch production rate and enhance the watch manufacturing quality
    • LCD Display for machine status (English/ Chinese)
    • Easy operation
    • Three hands centering for round and triangular shape
    • 0.01mm fine adjustment, setting accuracy ±5mm
    • Clamping diameter: Ø2.5 – Ø7mm
    • Only 7 seconds for automatic configuration

    4)Semi-Automatic Three Hands Setting Machine
    Model no: PPE-AW-2108


    • To improve the quality and quantity of the setting of hands of watches
    • Three heads design for setting three hands in a flow
    • Only 10 seconds for one procedure
    • With pressure gauge
    • Simple and fast operation
    • Force of hands setting are adjustable

    5)Automatic Glass Gluing Machine


    • Designed for the precision and accurate application of glue to the right position with the right amount.
    • Enhanced the productivity of watch makers and improve the watch quality
    • LCD display for machine status
    • Easy operation
    • With pressure gauge

    6)Strap Bending Tester
    Model No: TQC-821

    Functions and Features:

    • Can be used to test 2/ 5/ 8 strips in one time
    • To test the bending of belt
    • SMC Pneumatic components
    • Objective testing angle: ±30°
    • Dimension: 300mm x 500mm 250mm
    • Weight: 15kg
    7)One-Hand Setting Machine for Watch
    Model no: AW-2308

    Functions and Features:

    • Putting hands manually; Suction of hands pneumatically
    • Simple operation
    • Finishing time for one movement: 10 sec
    • Provided with one movement holder

    8)Traction Testing Machine
    Model no: TQC-808

    Functions and Features:

    • To test the distortion or deformation of the belt by traction and torsion.
    • Adjustable Motor is made in Japan.
    • Dimension: L 450mm x W 180mm x H 200mm; Weight: 8kg

    9)Shaking Testing Machine
    Model no: TQC-818

    Functions and Features:

    • To test the distortion and deformation of watch belt by shaking continuously.
    • 150-200 turns per minute, automatic shaking for 50,000 times.
    • Adjustable Motor is made in Japan.
    • Automatic stop and alarm function.
    • Two sets of clamps.
    10)Impingement Testing Machine
    Model no: TQC-858

    Functions and features:

    • To test the hardness of the surface of watch case, by falling down of the steel ball from a specified height.
    • The height can be adjusted easily by controlling the height bar.
    • Weight: 20kg
    • Dimension: L 305mm x W 220mm x H 1013mm
    11)Simple Water Leakage Tester
    Model no: TQC-WT1

    Functions and Features:

    • To test between 0-5ATM
    • Transparent shell is easy for repairing and checking.
    • 1-2 pcs can be put inside in one time.
    • Weight: 5kg
    • Dimension: L 248mm x W 300mm x H 260mm

    12)Watch Case Dustproof Tester
    Model no: TQC-123

    Functions and Features:

    • To test the dust prevention of watch case.
    • Adjustable motor made in Japan, flexible testing method.
    • Dimension: L 600mm x W 300mm x H 350mm

    13)Two-Heads Dry & Humidity Friction Tester
    Model no: TQC-828

    Functions and Features:

    • To test the change of colour of watch belt.
    • To rub 150times on the belt continuously by a 1kg weight.
    • Adjustable motor made in Japan.

    14)UV Box

    Standard features: Philips UV light (1000W)

    15)Multi-functional Tester for Push, Pull & Pin of Clasp
    Model no: TQC-122

    Functions and features:

    • To test the pull and push force of watch belt.
    • 4 sets of clamps to memorize maximum force.
    • Simple and fast to operate
    • Dimension : L 470mm x W 200mm x H 230mm

    16)Contact Temperature Heater

    Functions and Features:

    • Constant Temperature range: 30℃-100℃
    • Size: 300 x 400mm ; 500 x 600mm; 600 x 800mm
    • Other sizes can be customized for customers.
    • Standard configurations: 1) United temperature in four corners (±5℃)
    • Stainless steel machine body.
    • Temperature and time controller are made in Japan.